Making a Social Impact in the world while providing top Artificial Intelligence Services ranging from Feature Engineering to Data Annotation

Point.AI began as the first Data Annotation Company to employ only people on the autism spectrum (ASD) as annotators. We believe that by combining a comfortable and supportive environment along with professional mentoring we can break boundaries and fulfill the potential of our employees, all while achieving high quality results for our customers.

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In addition to our training data labelling services, we provide organizations with features engineering, algorithm modelling and network architecture selection.

Our experienced and highly qualified Data Scientist experts, help your organization grow and prosper. We offer end to end AI solutions to companies of all sizes around the world, driving successful digital transformation and fruitful outcomes to their business.


Image - Video - Data


Facial Recognition
Bounding Box
Polygon Segmentation

End to End Ai Modelling

Data Analysis and Pre-Processing
Training Data Labelling
Algorithm modelling and network architecture selection
Hyper-parameters optimization, model training and performance evaluation
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About Us

Point.AI is a one-stop social cause A.I. company.

By leveraging our proven expertise ranging across Artificial Intelligence, data annotation and data analytics, we offer our customers opportunities to actionable AI implementation and grow their business exponentially.

In addition, our professional data annotation team is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality data annotations for your A.I. needs.

Our company offers numerous image and video annotation services which range from basic detection or polygon segmentation to difficult and unique data annotation processes specific to the customer's needs. The team's unique advantage is its ability to annotate long and complex projects while maintaining higher attention to detail. Listed above are all our services and we will be happy to hear from you to help you with your machine/deep learning projects.



Our professional team of annotators have unique capabilities that result in their increased performance, thus ensuring high quality annotations. 

Our cross-trained team and custom tasking platform allow your project to scale as your needs evolve. Work with your own tools or with our in-house technology to achieve actionable results.


Our customers' data is highly secured, whether using cloud based platforms or our secured workspace. No data is annotated outside the company grounds.

Work Method

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Expert Consultation:

Exchange of expertise.

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Workflow customization:

Agility. Scale.



Quality control.


Custom training fit for your project needs.

Feedback cycle:

Improvement. Iteration.


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